Great Plugin: Safe Redirect Manager

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Safe Redirect Manager Plugin

I have one recommendation for webmasters looking for the perfect 301 redirection plugin: “Safe Redirect Manager” — free & open source, safe, simple, does the job you installed it to do, nothing more, nothing less.

This plugin solves all of my redirection needs from simple to complex. The developers are awesome and selfless for making this plugin. It doesn’t ask you to upgrade to a pro version, or get in your face about donations (which kind of makes me more inclined to buy each of them a coffee or beer!).

It supports wildcards and regular expression mode as well, which is the main reason this tool is so great. The interface is simple and full of descriptive options that teach the user about the various redirection options to choose from in the series. I’ve used other redirect tools and they are either not secure, or don’t support wildcards unless you upgrade to a pro version.

This tool easily makes most pro redirect plugins irrelevant for most WordPress-based website needs. Awesome work!

Plugin Link:
Check out the author 10up, they do amazing work!:

Also be sure to check out Quick 301 Redirects plugin which is also another one I recommend:

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