I hate gutenberg editor

This isn’t really a list of reasons, but more or less a statement that I hate Gutenberg editor. It was pretty bad taste on the latest WordPress releases to shove this horrible editor down everyone’s throat with the blind assumption that it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Everyone with a WordPress site hates it, all of my clients hate it. I even tried to not hate it for an entire minute. Still hated it.

Try out Gutenberg Editor today, it’s not like you really have a choice anyway.

Imagine your productivity in the office if Microsoft forced you to use a minimalist-interface version of Word or Excel (shudder). Users need to be able to see what their interacting with, especially in a content production environment. Pure minimalism is not the solution when it’s hardly useful for anything other than looking “chic”.

In response to Gutenberg editor, I’ve had to install the Disable Gutenberg plugin on almost every website I maintain; otherwise it’s an inevitable request to remove it. People won’t even write blog entries in it. 😉

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