I've always been a designer.

Design and illustration were my hobbies as a child. I started writing code in the mid-90s.

Ansi / Ascii

I co-founded a Winnipeg-based ansi art group by the mid-90s. We ended up reaching international distribution by 1996. We were collaborating with ansi artists, programmers, and musicians from different parts of the world to make e-magazines.

This was all done on dial-up bulletin board systems before most people had been on, or even heard of the internet.

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Painting with pixels

I started raster speed-painting around 1999 when I bought my Wacom tablet. I really liked the messy mockup/concept look that illustrators get from using prisma-color markers.

Some of my other work on still life illustrations were featured on display in the Winnipeg Art Gallery in the 90’s.

Evolving standards

Digital illustration is now more of an occasional thing for me. Most of my work is done in vector format, but it’s nice to take a break from all the technical design to do some painting now and then.

Metropolis Shard

Metropolis was my Ultima Online game server back in 2003. 

It was a free to play remake of the 1999 era. In its peak, the server had over 50,000 active accounts and over 1,200 live players at a time.

It was also featured at one point on MMORPG.com.

About | Art Storey Web Design

User Experience

There's something special about setting the atmosphere while harnessing the spirit of a brand.

Less thinking, more leads.

The easier it is to use, the better. In fact, why not make it fun to use? I try to make every project so they are fun or exciting to use.

Projects that make a difference.

It's a good feeling to be able to do work on projects that make a difference.

I'm also a hosting provider

I began server hosting in 2003. I started with game servers and in 2013 I started privately hosting all of my client projects. Now all web-hosting clients get a powerful and non-shared container for every website.

Some of my server experience comes from being employed at places like Microsoft, Epic, Modern Earth, as well as working on game servers. I'm also an SMTP specialist.

Design & Development History

  • Creation of Local Art Group
    iMPACT Ansi Group
  • Freelance Ansi/Ascii Artist
    Local Dial-Up Bulletin Boards (BBSes)
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery
    Featured Illustration: "Lone Wolf"
  • Primary Languages
    QB, VB, ASP, HTML+CSS, Javascript
  • Local Freelance Agent
    Graphic, Web, Print
  • Started Web Hosting
    Rush Over Inc.
  • Ran a Popular Game Server
    Metropolis Shard - Ultima Online
  • Primary Languages
    PHP, SQL, C#, jQuery
  • First Magazine Print Published
    Epic Information Solutions
  • First WordPress Plugin created
  • First App created
  • National Web Design Medal
    Modern Earth Web Design
  • Primary Languages
    PHP, SQL, C#, jQuery
  • Global Freelance Agent
    Small to Enterprise Projects
  • RFP Contractor of Choice
    10/10 Happy Clients
  • Primary Languages
    PHP, SQL, jQuery
  • More updates coming...

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